Paul Dunn's reiju's are a wonderful deep way of experiencing healing and self-empowerment. This deep sense of inner peace in his healings and empowerments are only accessible due to Paul's own dedicated spiritual practice. He has trained and studied with me for more than a decade. I highly recommend him as a teacher and practitioner.

Frans Stiene - Netherlands


Thank you Paul for the Reiju healing. It had a profound impact on me and my practice. I’m feeling so open, clear and grounded. Grateful to you. I know many people will benefit from your compassion and deep practice

Maria Kammerer - USA

Anita 2.jpg

I was fortunate to have experienced a reiju healing from Paul. In that space I felt an instant rush off warmth relaxation and gratitude. A big heartfelt thank you Paul for all your dedication, effort and support. I feel light

Anita Kyriazopoulos - Australia

Sam Fariborz.jpg

Thank you Paul for the session and all that you and your healing have done for me this year. You are a true blessing. I’m absolutely certain meeting Paul was one of the best things that’s happened to my life. Through my healing session with Paul, I not only came physically healed, I came to feel free and clear after a long time. I felt like I’m an energetic girl again who was running around and laughing from the heart bottom. That was amazing! We will do that again some time.

Sam Fariborz - Australia


I was lucky enough to experience a healing Reiju session with Paul yesterday. Although I live in NZ, I was able to benefit from our hour together. Having a full hour to sit quietly in my own space and knowing Paul was with me (over in Australia) connecting and sending healing energy through to me was wonderfully calming during the session. I was kept up to date and always felt cared for. Paul was open and available for any questions both before and after the session. Thanks so much Paul

Alex Bowmar - New Zealand


Thank you Paul for your wonderful healing Reiju. My fast-paced work schedule was pulling me in many directions and I was feeling pressured and anxious. During our session I gently settled into a calm open space of restfulness. I experienced the softest breeze brush away all thoughts and tensions. Afterwards I felt markedly relaxed and rebalanced and had the best night’s rest in weeks - thank you again. I look forward to future sessions with you and meeting again in that healing space of compassion.