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About 'True Nature'

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In Reiki, the essence of 'true nature' is reflected by the Reiki precepts:

Not bearing anger

No worry

Being grateful

Being true to your way and being

Showing compassion for yourself and others

On reflection, when we consider the precepts above, we are easily burdened by anger and fear, we live in a society that often segregates, and can leave us feeling small, and seems to reward busyness as a measure of identity and success. We become complacent in accepting the stress and anxieties of our world, not just into our mind and body, but then reflected out into our relationships and experiences. We allow the pressures of our unbalanced internal and external worlds to cause us to act "out of character", to not be true to ourselves or others, to compromise our needs. We lose the currency of our self-worth, and with compromised capacity to love ourselves, we also lose the ability to love and receive love from others unconditionally, without expectation or "strings attached". Is it no wonder that in Buddhist philosophy this experience is often referred to as 'confused mind' because all of this is experienced in the relative sphere of our minds.

To be relieved of the burdens of a confused mind can be profoundly healing, even if only for a fleeting moment, to experience a sense of peace from the relative suffering that we have come to expect and accept in our daily lives.

The mental, physical, and emotional energy required to feed this reality are phenomenal. Our brain is the most energy-consuming organ in our body by far, and when our mind is distracted and incessantly busy with worry, fear, self-loathing, guilt, expectation, etc., we become depleted, and our body is deprived of vital life force energy. This energy should be being used for good organ function, cellular regeneration, immunisation, so on and so forth. When we give our mind a break, we allow our holistic systems to utilise energy for life-affirming functions, we are no longer in deficit, and this is self-empowering.

The experience of 'true nature', or 'true self' as it is sometimes referred to as, is less about finding something new, but remembering something innate within all of us, that always was and always will be. A "self" free from the burdens of our hectic lives, a self that can stay "true" to its innate peace, immovable in mind against fear, strong in love for self and others. It's the act of taking a breather, and the more breaths we take, the better we feel, the more we can have a direct experience of our "true nature":

To not bear our anger

To be free of worry

To be grateful

To be true to ourselves

To show compassion to ourselves and others

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