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About Reiju

Reiju is a Japanese word that means ‘Energy Blessing’.

Reiju is a ritual used in traditional Japanese Reiki to invoke a space of self-healing and empowerment.


In the West, the ritual is sometimes called an attunement or initiation because it facilitates an initial direct experience of your “true nature”, or  ‘no anger, no worry, gratitude, inner truth, and self-compassion’ which are the precepts of Reiki and the cornerstone of the spiritual practice.


Within the direct experience, great healing and personal empowerment can take place, leaving a sense of calmness, clarity, and focus.


The roots of Reiju can be traced to a specific esoteric Japanese Buddhist ritual called Kaji, that is often used in the context of healing, purification, blessing, and spiritual empowerment. These rituals are performed by initiated and dedicated esoteric practitioners, who through a unified direct experience with their "Buddha Nature" are able to perform the ritual, in person or from a distance, with profound and beneficial results.


Based on his own dedicated personal practice, it is within the context of healing, blessing, and spiritual empowerment that Paul offers Reiju to you.