Experience Distance Reiju
A Traditional Japanese Reiki Energy Blessing

Without having to leave the comfort of your home:

  • Relax

  • Self-heal

  • Support your spiritual practice


Thank you Paul for your wonderful healing Reiju. My fast-paced work schedule was pulling me in many directions and I was feeling pressured and anxious. During our session I gently settled into a calm open space of restfulness. I experienced the softest breeze brush away all thoughts and tensions. Afterwards I felt markedly relaxed and rebalanced and had the best night’s rest in weeks - thank you again. I look forward to future sessions with you and meeting again in that healing space of compassion.


Personal Distance Reiju

A personal self healing and empowerment session with Paul

At the appointed time, go into your own quiet space, and set your intent to heal yourself, while Paul Dunn connects to you energetically to perform Reiju.

Paul Dunn Welcomes You

​Originally from NZ, and now living in Australia, Paul has been practising and teaching traditional Japanese Reiki and associated traditional Japanese esoteric meditations since 2001.


Paul’s approach is focused on fostering a deep connection to self, healing and empowerment. He is fortunate to receive on-going training and support from dedicated and well respected spiritual teachers, from Europe and Japan. His training is drawn from traditional Japanese Reiki, Japanese esoteric Buddhism, and Shugendo.


For Paul, the Reiki Precepts are ‘ways of being’ which reflect the direct experience of our True Nature. They inform and guide his life, his personal practice and service to others


Do not bear anger

Do not worry

Show gratitude

Be true to your way and your being

Show compassion to yourself and all others



"Paul Dunn's reiju's are a wonderful deep way of experiencing healing and self-empowerment."

"It had a profound impact on me and my practice. I’m feeling so open, clear and grounded."

"Through my healing session with Paul, I not only came physically healed, I came to feel free and clear after a long time."

"This experience was so profound and I will turn towards Paul for another session to continue growing."

"Afterwards, I felt markedly relaxed and rebalanced and had the best night’s rest in weeks."


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"The most compassionate thing a person can do is to awaken to their true nature, because this awakening is the end of suffering and the beginning of true freedom."

Frans Stiene